About Us

With our wide array of iconic Thai delicacies and our commitment to impeccable service, Johnny's Restaurant has become synonymous with authentic fine Thai cuisine in the region. Since the establishment of our first restaurant in 1998, Johnny's Restaurant has won the hearts of gourmands and casual diners alike.

We use only the freshest and finest ingredients in our steamboat. Our broth-based soup is made daily from scratch and simmered for hours on the stove before serving to the customer to be then completed with choices of juicy meat slices, succulent seafood, fresh vegetables, and delectable handmade meatballs.

The taste of the steamboat ingredients are further enhanced with our Johnny's unique Thai dipping sauce, better known also as 'Suki Sauce'. For extra flavour and spiciness, a variety of condiments such as coriander, chopped garlic and chillies could also be added into the dipping sauce or the soup.

Today, the company has more than 30 restaurants under its name. The management team's vision and mission for Johnny's Restaurant have brought together veterans from the food and beverage industry, as well as the most experienced chefs from Thailand and the region.
Our Vision
Johnny's Restaurant seeks to focus and show attentiveness to the preparation of one of the most precious thing in life, and that is natural good food. Throughout the years of research and experience, we have captured the spirit and the substance of real authentic Thai dishes that have become a global gastronomic attraction. Furthermore, we are constantly showing improvement on our recipes to suit the ever-changing demands of our customers' taste buds.

We strongly believe that food should be prepared as fresh as it could be and with the right formula, the natural goodness and tastiness of the food would flow out from within.
Our Mission
Our mission today is the same as it's always been: Ensuring that good food which is prepared from natural ingredients is accessible to everyone, and that every customer who chooses Johnny's leaves happy and contented. We strive to become a real part of every neighborhood we open in by providing a platform to forge closer cultural and family bonds through the modern culinary enjoyment of authentic Thai recipes and dishes.

Special Thai Dip Sauce to the taste-buds of yours